Kverneland a-drill

Podmítka, příprava seťového lůžka a setí v jednom přejezdu

Always concerned by increasing the farmers efficiency, Kverneland presents a new combination of seeder integrated on compact disc and cultivators. The seeding operations are made in one pass while stubbling or seedbed preparation, with accuracy over the full working width.

A-drill’s have been designed to answer to match with the nitrate directive adopted in 1991 by the EU. One of the taken measure results in the generalization of the soil cover in the fall by vegetation cover, which will absorb nitrogen from the soil and air, to convert it into organic nitrogen. Kverneland proposes 2 a-drill models differentiated by 2 hopper capacities: 200 and 500 liters.

The Kverneland compact disc & cultivators can receive both models depending of the type of seed (size), the seed rate /ha, the working speed and the working width. The a-drill 200 l gets a plastic hopper when the a-drill 500 l receives a steel hopper.

a-drill’s are able to seed all types of seeds and even mix of different seeds. 2 rotors are delivered as standard for matching the different seed size and rate. They will spread the seeds through 8 dispersion plates. For big seeds like horse beans or peas, vetch, Kverneland proposes the Flex rotor.

2 fans are available according to the machine type and the seed rate/ha. Trailed machines get automatically the hydraulic fan while mounted machine can get either electric or hydraulic fan drive. Hydraulic fan drive is strongly recommended when the seed rate is important, especially with high working speed (up to 14 kg/min – 100 kg/ha with 7m at 12 km/h). For seed rate below 4 kg/min (50kg/min with 4m machine at 12km/h), the electric fan is enough to carry the seeds properly.

All models can get 2 different control boxes: the control box 3.2 will ensure all the basic operations (rotor speed with fix rate, calibration test, fan ON/OFF), when the CB 5.2 will ensure on top of the basic functions the speed regulation, headlands stops, ha and speed counter, emptying function, etc…

Kverneland had a strong attention to the safety for filling operations. That’s the reason why all machines are equipped with 2 safety guards and anti-slipping steps. All operations can be done safely!

21. January 2013

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